Tuxis in 2021

2021 is coming to an end, a year in which we have certainly not been idle! We have done a lot with Proxmox and Ceph, but also spent a lot of time with students to make sure that our branch can function even better in the future.

A summary

  • Working at home and collaborating on documents is still relevant, but can quickly become cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, we have become Collabora partner and added it to FilesOnline.eu. You can, without installing anything, edit documents together. To further facilitate this, for every user you purchase FilesOnline.eu, we will increase the storage by 25GB, and if you combine it with Kerio in the Cloud, you will receive a discount. Also with Kerio in the Cloud, we increase the storage by 25GB for every user you purchase, resulting in lower variable costs.
  • We love sharing knowledge, but it’s not easy. Unfortunately, the techniques we use at Tuxis are rarely taught in schools and as a result the learning curve is often too steep. Together with the CHE, we nevertheless managed to come up with suitable assignments for their HBO ICT students. And that has been a success; Insights for Proxmox was the first project and at the moment we are putting the finishing touches to our new VPS configurator.
  • The year started with the move from the Arnhem data centre to Amsterdam; without any downtime! We started in Amsterdam with one rack; by 1 January 2022 this will be three. The first customers to use a VLAN between Ede and Amsterdam are also hosted there, with which they can build their own “two data centre” solutions.
  • During the course of this year, we started selling the ‘Dedicated Proxmox Server‘ service. You rent these physical machines per month, so that you can easily scale up and down. We get a lot of interest in this from home and abroad!
  • We launched Proxmox Backup Server as a SaaS service. With Proxmox, your virtualisation, and now also your backup, is well, efficiently and inexpensively taken care of. We started with free 150 GB test accounts for beta testing. After going live, companies all over the world became customers. Meanwhile, the third server has been set up, giving us 450 TB of gross space. This growth is not surprising when you consider that the functionality competes with the likes of Veeam for only €18 per TB per month all-in!
  • Backups, backups, backups. With the arrival of Proxmox Backup Server, making backups is well integrated and super fast. That is why we have scaled up the included backup with our VPSs for free. Where we used to make a backup once every seven days, we have scaled up to daily backups, which we keep for two days. Monday’s backup will be kept for two weeks and the backup of the first of the month for a whole month! With the new ‘Extra Backup’ service, we even make backups four times a day that are kept for up to six months! See https://www.tuxis.nl/en/virtual-private-server/ for the full backup schedule.
  • daDup, our bulk storage service, has now grown to 1.5 Petabytes, or 1500 TB. Thanks to our storage solution, we have been able to do this live. You can safely use it as SAMBA (Windows share), SFTP and S3 storage in your environment.
  • All those services require capacity from the network, so the network has been expanded considerably. With 2 transit parties and 2 peering locations (AMS-IX and SpeedIX), we ensured that our network always remained online with sufficient capacity. An overview of our network can be found here.
  • Insights for Proxmox is live. With this tool you can quickly see how efficient your virtual data centre is, which VPS is causing a high load and whether they are configured properly.
  • We have also opened a webshop for products and licences that you can use to build your on-prem network or in your virtual data centre (TCC or Dedicated Proxmox Server). Browse through it, you might find something for you like.

In the coming year, we will continue like this. Together with the CHE, a third assignment is planned in which we will work with AI and program predictive behaviour into the Attuor monitoring system. Then no one has to wake up at night anymore, but we can warn during the day that a problem is expected tonight. We are also going to roll out our new customer portal with a detailed rights structure so that you can determine for each user what they may order, configure, view and operate, including an automatic audit log.

Plenty to do in the new year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and keep in mind the adjusted opening hours mentioned below.


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