The portals of Tuxis

At the moment, we still have several portals and are working on making it just one portal. Therefore, below is an overview of the portals and products/services and functionalities. So this may change! Hence this page.

Dedicated Proxmox Server

1st login with the data from then add yourself and other users.
In general, you no longer use the login data from for this portal


  • VPS-en – SLA – IP-addresses
  • Invoices
  • Customer information
  • Users within your organisation
Domain Name registration

log in with the details of


  • SSL certificates – Key, CA en certificaat
  • Data traffic insight
  • Kerio in the Cloud
  • daDup
  • Shared hosting
Domain Name registration

  • Domain name registration and Subscriptions
  • DNS management
  • SSL ordering and Subscriptions
  • Enable direct debit (only for EU customers)

You can change the language after login.


Domain Name registration

  • View disruptions
  • Request support and view tickets
  • Frequently asked questions
Domain Name registration





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