Tuxis Corporate Cloud (TCC)

The Tuxis Corporate Cloud is a high quality hosting infrastructure for your private cloud and virtual data centre.

The TCC TCC (Tuxis Corporate Cloud) is a complete platform for virtualizing your datacenters. Your data is saved in three data centres in the Netherlands. If you prefer to choose where your TCC is located, choose the TCC Edge solution.


TCC virtual data center in the private cloud





Benefits of the Tuxis Corporate Cloud

You use the cloud and we make sure it’s available

Fixed monthly costs

Fixed monthly costs

Storage is scalable on the fly

Storage and computing power are scalable on the fly

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

A 100% Dutch
solution hosted
in NL

Fixed monthly costs

Reliable network
is standard

Storage is scalable on the fly

Your data in real time in three datacenters

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

30% less hardware
~50% less power
Longer lifespan

More efficient real-time in 3 data centres explained

Choose the location of your virtual data centre

Maximum availability in Tuxis’s three data centres 

The advantages of a TCC in a data center of your choice 

TCC in practice

Customer case: Networking4all

‘The advantage of Tuxis’s private cloud compared to the public cloud, the usual solution, is that we now have an advanced digital highway on which, figuratively speaking, we are the only car: extremely fast and safe. If there are any technical issues we can’t handle ourselves, we have a direct line to Tuxis.’

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Customer case: KOP ICT

‘We were in no doubt whatsoever about the reliability of Tuxis solutions. However, the TCC excels in terms of redundancy by saving data to three locations’.

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Customer case: CoDesk

“Our own state-of-the-art hardware, in three separate locations, is something we have never seen before.”

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An innovative enterprise solution

Alternative to VMware and Vsphere

Proxmox VE replaces the virtualisation layer offered by VMware. In addition, Proxmox also handles storage and backups.

Alternative to Nutanix

By integrating Ceph, in addition to virtualisation, you have a flexible storage solution with multiple tiers and which is hugely scalable.

Alternative to Veeam

Proxmox Backup Server can create multiple daily backups of your entire cluster and virtual servers. In the process, those backups can also be easily spread across multiple locations.

Alternative to HyperV

Virtualisation, storage and backups are controlled within Proxmox through a single accessible web interface. This gives administrators a lot of control over virtual servers and storage.

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