Dedicated Proxmox Server

Virtualization without shared resources, complete freedom and extremely fast SSD storage

The Dedicated Proxmox Server (DPS) is a complete platform for virtualizing your enterprise. The built-in webportal enables you to manage your VM’s, containers, software-defined storage, networking and high-available clustering in a single interface.

Dedicated Proxmox Server

Benefits of Dedicated Proxmox Server


Custom cloud infrastructure at Tuxis




Unprecedented freedom in configuring your cloud infrastructure.


Storage is scalable on the fly



Two or more Dedicated Proxmox Servers let you use HA and data can be synchronised between different data centers.


Storage is scalable on the fly




Are your computing or storage capacity changing? You can simply expand the Dedicated Promox Server.


reliable environment




With Dedicated Proxmox Server you no longer need to worry about your cloud infrastructure. Proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure a reliable environment.


Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke


Privacy guaranteed


As you do not share the Cloud infrastructure with anyone else and because your data is in the Netherlands, your privacy is fully guaranteed.


Fixed monthly costs


Maximum performance


You won’t be sharing capacity with other customers. What’s more, SSD and optional NVMe storage mean unrivalled performance.



Tuxis is a reliable no-nonsense party that Refactory relies on when it comes to setting up infrastructure. Tuxis is always looking for a good balance between effectiveness and manageability. I like the cooperation and communication and recommend Tuxis to others!

Erdee Media Groep (EMG)

We came to Tuxis because we wanted a modern web platform where availability, stability and scalability are important keywords. In our opinion, the Tuxis Cloud Concept offers an excellent solution to this question.


I really like it! Perfect performance, stable ... I have nothing to complain about.


The Tuxis Cluster Concept (TCC) met all requirements and the decision was made quickly


Sven van der Waal Van Dijk

Director and co-founder

"When everything needed to be renewed, we looked for other solutions at the well-known players such as Vmware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, Dell and Lenovo, because they could certainly meet our requirements in terms of functionality. The TCC from Tuxis, however, was the ultimate solution. The same functionality, as it turned out after extensive testing, but then fully managed and with lower costs due to smart software-defined solutions in the TCC. "

Totaalnet Internet Works B.V.

Great, that interface looks great. More suppliers should do that.


We can easily continue to grow with a private cloud from Tuxis: the capacity is expanded without interruption.

Van Vlodrop IT

Van Vlodrop IT focuses on customers in healthcare. She specializes in setting up, managing and maintaining office automation in the field of PC and network management, including security.


Ewout Nijhof


By transferring the hosting and server environments to Tuxis, we no longer suffer from the "nasty" feeling of different and sometimes frustrating working methods of different suppliers. We can now deliver the quality and service that our clients expect.


Our website is faster than the competitor's. And we score well in search engines thanks to the tip to provide the site with SSL.

Would you further details on our Dedicated Proxmox Server?

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