Information is knowledge

The answer to the questions: How many VMs are actually running? How much memory, storage and CPU have I allocated to VPSs in total? What is the return on the environment? Which VM/node uses a lot of CPU, Memory or IOPS? How much storage do I still have available? How much did we use to CPU/memory/storage before. Are my VPSs configured correctly?

So insight. You must see it.

Insights for Proxmox statistics





Resource planning

plan scaling hardware

On the dashboard you can see how the load is increasing and when it is time to expand.


Keep your Proxmox up to speed

There is nothing more annoying than a slow system. See at a glance where the load is or was high.



Are all VPSs configured correctly? Is there sufficient capacity? Excluding possible causes is easy.

Dashboard with insights

The return on your environment is immediately visible. The number of VPSs, the overbooking of the CPUs and memory are at the top of the page. You can also immediately see how each node in a cluster is doing. Think of IOPS, CPU and memory load.


Insight in VPSs

The answer to the following questions regarding your VPSs:

  • On which node is that one VPS located?
  • Is it on?
  • What was the name?
  • Which VPSs are the busiest?
  • Which ones could use more capacity?

Sort and filter and get an overview.

Dashboard per VPS

Each VPS has its own dashboard with all information about the VPS, including uptime, IOPS, allocated resources and storage. The history of memory usage, CPU load and network usage is kept. You can also see how the VPS is configured compared to the recommended values.


Everything configured correctly?

Flexibility in configuration also means that it is more difficult to configure everything correctly. That is why you can immediately see which settings deviate from the Tuxis best practice. From this screen you can click directly to the correct VPS in your Proxmox environment.


You only need 1 subscription when you have a Proxmox cluster. Customers with a TCC or Dedicated Proxmox Server at Tuxis get the “short term” version for free.

We are happy to demonstrate it for you. No long presentation but an online meeting. We share the screen with you and walk through the software together.


We’re not done developing yet. We are working hard on a mobile app and we are continuing to work on new functionalities for Proxmox solutions.

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