Internet with Tuxis

The Tuxis network (AS197731) has five external connections in three data centres. AMS-IX, i4Networks, BIT and Atom86 provide us with high quality transit and peering to the rest of the internet so if any one of these suppliers has issues they won’t impact Tuxis’s networks.

We offer 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s network ports at all locations and we are able to set up private networks across the locations. We also have an Out-of-Band (OOB) network.

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The choice is yours

Data traffic can be purchased in Gbytes, Mbit/s flat rate and Mbits/s 95th percentile. The total amount of traffic you use as a customer is added together. This means you get a higher scale discount at an earlier stage.
Comprehensive searchable statistics and logs give you insight into traffic.

Our entire network supports IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. If you only use IPv4 then that won’t be a problem. Would you like to use IPv6? We can help you with that.

Option 1: Per Gbyte

When you choose to purchase bandwidth in GBs per month, you indicate beforehand how much you think you will use (your commitment). The greater the commitment, the lower the price. Every Gbyte of data transmitted across the connection is counted. This goes for both uploading and downloading. At the end of the month, Tuxis calculates the number of Gbytes used and any excesses are billed at the rate that corresponds to your commitment.
Commitment* Per month Excess
100GB €7.50 €0.0750 / GB
200GB €14.50 €0.0725 / GB
300GB €21.25 €0.0708 / GB
500GB €24.75 €0.0495 / GB
750GB €28.75 €0.0383 / GB
1000GB €32.50 €0.0325 / GB
1500GB €45.00 €0.0300 / GB
2000GB €58.00 €0.0290 / GB
2500GB €68.75 €0.0275 / GB
2500GB+  on request

Option 3: Per Mbit/s (95th percentile)

Every five minutes, Tuxis takes sample values from the downstream and upstream traffic. At the end of the month, the two sets of sampled values for downstream and upstream traffic are sorted separately and the top five percent from each set is discarded. The next highest value then counts as your consumption. If the value for the ‘downstream traffic’ is higher than the value for the ‘upstream traffic’, you will be billed for the value of the ‘downstream’ traffic. If the value for the ‘upstream’ traffic is higher, you will be billed for the ‘upstream’ traffic. This additional invoice only applies of course if you have exceeded the amount data traffic to which you committed.
Commitment Per month Excess
1 to 5 Mbit €13.75 / mbit €17.50 / mbit
6 to 10 Mbit €12 / mbit €13.75 / mbit
11 to 15 Mbit €11 / mbit €12 / mbit
16 to 25 Mbit €10.25 / mbit €11 / mbit
30 Mbit €9.75 / mbit €10.25 / mbit
40 Mbit €8.25 / mbit €9.75 / mbit
50 Mbit €7 / mbit €8.25 / mbit
More on request

*)Commitment means you state beforehand how much you are going to use. Example of option 1: You commit to 1000GB per month. If you stay below this, you pay €32.50. If you exceed 1000GB, you pay €0.325 for every Gbyte more than the 1000GB you committed to (1/1000th of €32.50). So you remain in full control.