A VPS from Tuxis

A virtual private server from Tuxis gives you a flexible cloud infrastructure that will grow with you.

You can easily scale up and down the number of CPU cores, memory and SSD storage. With a virtual private server from Tuxis you are guaranteed a reliable cloud infrastructure that you no longer need to worry about. You will have access to your own portal, on which you can monitor the load on the disk, network and CPU, control the VPS and have console access.

VPS-Virtual Private Server- Virtual Machine physical server





Virtual Private Server benefits

Due to ample capacity and well-defined values for the number of read and write actions of all VPSs, any errors made by other customers will not affect the performance of your VPS, which remains constant at all times.

Reliable cloud hosting



Because data is saved in real time in three data centres, your data will remain available even if an entire data centre should fail.

Fixed monthly costs


Immediately available

Order now and you can start designing your IT infrastructure right away.

Storage is scalable on the fly



You can easily expand or customise your VPSs, add daDup bulk storage and easily scale up to one of our other solutions.

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke


Data stays in the Netherlands

Your data is saved in Dutch-owned data centres in the Netherlands.

SLA van Tuxis


Full maintenance service

Select an SLA and Tuxis will maintain your VPS. Besides monitoring your VPS, you can opt for Tuxis to monitor your application.

SLA van Tuxis


Backups included

A full encrypted backup is made daily and is kept 60KM away.


Maintenance, backups and performance

Extra Backup

With the standard backup, a backup is made 1x per day. It will be kept for 2 days. The weekly is saved for 2 weeks and the monthly for 1 month. With Extra Backup, a backup of your VPS is made 4 times a day. 1 daily backup is kept for 7 days. 1 weekly backup is kept for 4 weeks. 1 monthly backup is kept for 6 months!

In this way, the side of data loss has become very small. In addition, the backup is 60KM away.


Turn your VPS into a fully managed VPS with our SLA.

We monitor the load on your Virtual Private Server so that there is always sufficient capacity for optimal performance of your applications. We also keep your server up-to-date by installing updates. Half an hour of labor is included.

The LEVEL 2 SLA even monitors the availability of your application.

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Ultimate IOPS

For the application that needs a lot of IOPS, your VPS can be upgraded with Ultimate IOPS.

With 10,000 IOPS , even the most demanding application gets enough capacity.

Your applications have never been faster.

VPS Calculation wizard

Stap 1: Pick a suitable VPS

Small  Medium  Large

Stap 2: Set the specs with the sliders

Cores: 1

Memory: 1024MB

Default storage: 20GB

Extra storage: 0GB


Traffic: 100GB



You first choose a small, medium or large VPS. Then you can easily see the price for extra capacity with the sliders.

Need more than can be configured? Feel free to contact . We always have a solution.

Good to know:

  • Thanks to the TCC anything is possible. < / li>
  • Data traffic is pooled.



I really like it! Perfect performance, stable ... I have nothing to complain about.


Our website is faster than the competitor's. And we score well in search engines thanks to the tip to provide the site with SSL.

ZebraHost LLC.

Clive Swanepoel


We have cloud servers in several datacenter across the globe and have over 20 years of datacenter experience . We are very pleased to have chosen Tuxis for our cloud in Ede, and as consultants for our cloud in the USA. Installation, support and communication have all been excellent.


We can easily continue to grow with a private cloud from Tuxis: the capacity is expanded without interruption.

Erdee Media Groep (EMG)

We came to Tuxis because we wanted a modern web platform where availability, stability and scalability are important keywords. In our opinion, the Tuxis Cloud Concept offers an excellent solution to this question.

Mijn nr. 1 keuze voor hosting

Irwo Kandziora

Eigenaar Irwo Solutions

For a number of years now, I have been recommending Tuxis to all my managed hosting clients. They respond adequately and quickly and deliver excellent uptime.

Let Things Talk

Jan Willem Casteleijn

Responsible for technology

In a conversation with Tuxis it became clear that they could meet all requirements at an attractive price, but could also contribute ideas about the best possible design of our platform. In an event of a fault they work in a targeted manner. That saves is a lot of time. That gave confidence.

Totaalnet Internet Works B.V.

Great, that interface looks great. More suppliers should do that.


The Tuxis Cluster Concept (TCC) met all requirements and the decision was made quickly


Sven van der Waal Van Dijk

Director and co-founder

"When everything needed to be renewed, we looked for other solutions at the well-known players such as Vmware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, Dell and Lenovo, because they could certainly meet our requirements in terms of functionality. The TCC from Tuxis, however, was the ultimate solution. The same functionality, as it turned out after extensive testing, but then fully managed and with lower costs due to smart software-defined solutions in the TCC. "

Request further information

Do you have a question about our product? Would you like more information about a VPS from Tuxis for your organisation? If so, call us on +31(0)318-200208 or email us at: info@tuxis.nl.

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