Tuxis Corporate Cloud Edge

High-end cloud infrastructure where you need it.

The TCC Edge is your own 24×7 fully managed virtual data centre. It offers the same functionalities as the Tuxis Corporate Cloud (TCC), but in a data centre of your choice. You keep control of your data whilst benefiting from the flexibility of a public cloud, exactly where you need it. The storage capacity is limitlessly scalable and can be expanded on the fly.

A TCC also uses 30% less hardware and up to 50% less energy than regular private cloud solutions.


Where do you need capacity?

TCC virtual edge datacenter

Benefits of Tuxis Corporate Cloud Edge


Proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure a reliable environment that you simply needn’t worry  about

TCC Edge

At your own location

TCC Edge is located in the data centre or wherever the capacity is needed




Is your demand for computing or storage capacity changing? The TCC scales up or down without downtime.


Fixed monthly costs


A TCC has no limits when it comes to scaling storage. There is no need to decide beforehand how much you’ll need.

Constant performance

The TCC delivers top performance in terms of computing power and storage. Even during maintenance , there is negligible loss of performance.

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

Privacy guarantee

As you do not share the TCC infrastructure with anyone else, your privacy is fully guaranteed.

Storage is scalable on the fly


You are free to design your cloud infrastructure as you like.

Fixed monthly costs

Fixed monthly costs

Straightforward budgeting through the elimination of any surprises on your invoice.

Where do you need capacity?

TCC in practice

Customer case: Networking4all

‘The advantage of Tuxis’s private cloud compared to the public cloud, the usual solution, is that we now have an advanced digital highway on which, figuratively speaking, we are the only car: extremely fast and safe. If there are any technical issues we can’t handle ourselves, we have a direct line to Tuxis.’

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Customer case: KOP ICT

‘We were in no doubt whatsoever about the reliability of Tuxis solutions. However, the TCC excels in terms of redundancy by saving data to three locations’.

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Klantcase CoDesk

“Our own state-of-the-art hardware, in three separate locations, is something we have never seen before.”

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