All your data secure in the cloud in a Dutch data centre

With daDup, you get an external storage location for your data. You can link the daDup cloud storage directly to your software, NAS, or server. This can be done using SMB (Windows share), the Amazon S3 protocol, FTPS or SSH(SFTP).

Advantages of daDup cloud storage are:

  • Data securely stored in the cloud
  • Privacy is guaranteed
  • All data is stored in the Netherlands
  • You only pay for what you use; 1.2 cents per GB

External storage for Veeam

Save your backups and disaster recovery data securely and ensure you always have it available.

External storage for Acronis

Link daDup as cloud storage in Acronis or as a shared folder to back up ‘locally’.

Backup the data from your Synology NAS

In a few easy steps, your Synology NAS is backed up to the external daDup storage. An external backup available at all times

Create DirectAdmin backups

Your websites are stored securely. Create a backup for each website sing the standard back-up capabilities of DirectAdmin.

For (extra) storage in Nextcloud

Do you need fast access to a lot of storage with Nextcloud functionalities? Link a daDup account to it and storage will never be a problem again.

Backup cPpanel to an external location

Use cPanel’s standard backup feature to create remote backups. Secure in a data centre in the Netherlands.

For (extra) storage in OwnCloud

Do you need fast access to a lot of storage with OwnCloud functionalities? Link a daDup account to it and storage will never be a problem again.

Sync in Windows with SyncbackPro

Synchronises your data in Windows the data in daDup so you always have an external copy.

No more full web space with Akeeba

Save your Joomla! backups externally with Akeeba. No more full web space while ensuring a better place for your backups.

Backup Windows, Mac and Linux with Duplicati

Use this free software to encrypt and back up your data to daDup from Windows, Mac and Linux.

Compatible thanks to Amazon S3 protocol

daDup uses Amazon S3 protocol. So you can use daDup with all the software, applications and devices that supports S3 protocol for storage.

Features of daDup bulk storage

daDup reliable




We monitor the availability and performance of daDup 24×7.

Dutch datacenters


Data stays in the Netherlands


Your data is saved in Dutch-owned data centres in the Netherlands.

Storage is scalable on the fly




If your storage needs vary, daDup scales up or down with you.

Storage is scalable on the fly




daDup saves data in triplicate in real time. Your business continuity  is assured…

no extra costs




You pay €0.012 per Gbyte. So there are no extra charges for data traffic, puts, gets or anything else.

Fixed monthly costs


Great performance


daDup delivers better performance than alternative online bulk storage solutions.



Free data traffic


No data traffic charges for uploading or downloading.

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke


Privacy guarantee


Your data is your data and not a currency. Save your data in accordance with the GDPR with a data processing agreement.

Not satisfied? No invoice!

Additional information about daDup

  • daDup works with everything that is compatible with Amazon S3, a Windows share, FTP(S) or SSH;
  • With effective client-side encryption, daDup is suitable for all types of data, including personal data;
  • Connections between client and are secured by SSL;
  • Verification is done by means of access key and secret key;
  • No data is backed up on daDup;
  • Data is saved in triplicate;
  • While using the S3 protocol, storage will be charged per Gigabyte. In all other cases per Terabyte;


Storage per Gbyte per month
Minimum purchase
500 Gbyte
(= €6.00)
Puts & Gets Unlimited
Data traffic Unlimited

Prices are excl. VAT.


Test it for free. Not satisfied? No invoice!

Simply create an account for daDup and try it out. If you are not satisfied, just let us know within one month and we won’t bill you. Would you like to know more about daDup? Please call us on: +31 (0)318-200208 or email us at:





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