Privacy Policy Tuxis B.V.

We are aware that you trust us, and we expect that you are privacy aware. You might even be a customer from Tuxis because you value privacy as much as we do. Logically we see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. If you want you know how we protect your privacy and data read this: These policies however do not tell you what we do with your company data like your address, VAT number and so on. If you want to know that, you should read on.

This privacy policy is applicable to websites from Tuxis and all services from Tuxis. We respect your privacy and make sure all the information you supply will be treated as confidential when possible.

Use of our services

When you place an order we ask you for your company en personal information. This information is necessary to provision the order, to invoice and to meet requirements set by the government. The data is stored on the secure servers owned by Tuxis and, if necessary, on servers of thirds. By thirds we mean entities like government and accountant.


When you sent us a mail or other message, we might save these messages. Sometimes we ask for personal information if relevant for the situation. This allows us to process your questions and requests. Your data is stored on the secure servers owned by Tuxis.

Social Media

Social media conflicts with privacy. We will not share your data with social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp and a like. We do understand that, for example, WhatsApp is an easy and fast way to communicate and lots of companies use it. But by doing that, they submit your data to Facebook (owner of WhatsApp). Something we will never consider.

Data collection

We collect data about your visit to our websites. The following is collected: IP-Address, language, browser, OS, and visited pages. The website will try to place a cookie on your device to recognize you when you visit one of our sites again. This helps us with analysing how our sites are used. The cookie does not contain privacy sensitive information. You can configure your browser to deny these cookies.

During the visit of our website, no data is stored on your device other than needed for keeping a session (used for shopping cart, forms etc). Your browser may store parts of our website. This is a feature of your browser to speed up surfing and can be disabled in your browser.

We do not collect or share data for other purposes that stated in this policy unless we get your permission or are forced to do so by law.


This privacy policy is written for the features and use of our website, services and administration. Changes of these features may lead to changes of this policy. We advise to check this policy regularly.

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