Proxmox Backup Server (aaS)

Ever since we started offering Proxmox, there was a single issue that caused discussions; backups. With the release of the Proxmox Backup Server, Proxmox has fixed that issue once and for all!

Fast incrementals

The ‘old’ vzdump-method on which our PMRB-solution is based, can not do incremental backups. Each and every backup will read, compress and store the whole (virtual) disk. This results in a long running backup, and also requires a lots of IO and bandwidth from the backupserver as well as the cluster that runs the backed up machine. When the backup is finally finished, you end up with a huge file that is largely identical to the last backup. Largely, but not entirely…

Proxmox Backup Server uses Qemus dirty bitmaps. Upon starting a backup, Qemu creates a (in-memory) table in which the changes to the virtual disk are recorded. While the first backup may take as long as before, the incremental backup can be done within seconds.

Backup more often

Because backups are much faster, the impact of running a backup on the virtual machine is much smaller. So you can run a backup every day, or hour, or even every fifteen minutes.

In Proxmox Backup Server you see all the incremental backups as full backups and you can restore to any version you want.

Store more efficiently

Proxmox Backup Server does not store your backup as a large single file. A backup is chopped up in chunks that are being stored. If you have two VMs that are mostly identical, the chunks that are equal are stored only once. Built-in deduplication!

(Client-side) Encryption

A lot of our customers (still) have their own backup server. From a security point of view, that makes sense since Proxmox backups were not encrypted. Proxmox Backup Server introduces client-side encryption, extremely simple. So before your chunks have left your Proxmox server, they’re already encrypted and are being sent to the Proxmox backup Server over an encrypted connection.

Very precise retention

Creating a lot of backups is fun and all, but it introduces a challenge; which backups do you want to keep… Proxmox Backup Server allows you to very specifically configure which backups you want to keep, per hour, day, week month or year. There is also a simulator which makes it clearly visible what the impact is of your chosen strategy.


Proxmox Backup Server can also replicate. That means that the backups you create can also be stored by a second (or even third) Proxmox Backup Server. So you can choose to have your own Proxmox Backup Server in Ede, and let it replicate to our shared Proxmox Backup Server in Amsterdam. On both servers, you can configure the retention seperately.


  • 100% Encrypted backups
  • As many backups per day as you would like
  • Built-in deduplication
  • Less IO-impact on both the backup server and the source
  • Replication to one or mulitple other locations


We can connect your TCC or DPS to our shared Proxmox Backup Server within minutes. Which is secure, because the backups are being encrypted on your own cluster. Do you have a Proxmox Cluster elsewhere? You can also request a single Proxmox Backup Server account. For only € 18,- per configured TB, you can backup as much as you want.

Do you already have a Proxmox Backup Server elsewhere and you want te replicate it somewhere? Not a problem.

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