“Being able to share all our services through the TCC also allows us and our customers to grow.”

Bas de Stigter

Technical director and co-owner of Kop ICT

Kop Telecom

Kop Telecom

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Kop Telecom has a unique position in the telecom market, with its provider independent, integrated solution for VOIP telephony and mobile. Kop Telecom is a renowned telecommunications company, with its headquarters in Leerdam. It is a service-oriented company that wants to unburden its customers in the field of telecom solutions.

With specialists on every level, Kop Telecom gives tailored advice on telecom solutions, takes care of the construction of infrastructure, supplies, installs telecom installations and provides maintenance and support.

This way, enterprises in the MKB, but also larger companies, can make use of the newest telecom solutions against relatively low costs. The company is part of the Kop-Groep, with specialised business units in the field of ICT, Security and Telecom.

Bas de Stigter, Technisch directeur van de Kop-Groep, vertelt waarom Kop Telecom gebruik maakt van een Tuxis Corporate Cloud (TCC).

Telecom has high requirements for
cloud solution and network

“Kop Telecom offers the latest telecom solutions to companies in the SME and larger. Telecommunication has grown in recent decades to become a success factor for many companies and organisations. Smart solutions in that area enable companies and organisations to work more efficiently and effectively. Not to mention the increased mobility, the desire or need to work from home and the increased demand for video calling and conferencing.

For audio and video calls, it is crucial that the connection is one hundred percent reliable and free of interference. This certainly applies to our unique solution, in which fixed telephony or VOIP and mobile traffic are integrated in the total laptop/desktop environment.

In that solution, the user wants to be able to rely completely on the technology in terms of accessibility. Add to this the fact that the current forms of telecom require a lot of bandwidth and capacity, while the number of users is increasing enormously. The requirements for the network and the ICT infrastructure are therefore very strict.”

Technical specifications:

  • Realtime in 3 datacenters
  • 100% SSD
  • Encrypted back-up > 60km
  • Multiple transit and peering partners
  • IPv6 en IPv4
  • 40 Gbit/s core
  • Comprehensive API
  • Webbased management
Key figures of Kop Group:

  • 3 offices
  • ± 60 employees
  • Own NOC
  • 24/7 available
  • 2 to 1000+ users
  • Full configuration freedom
  • Provider choice, VAMO link with all mobile providers
  • Intuitive operation

Redundancy and scalability

In the spring of 2020, another part of the Kop Group, Kop ICT – specialised in the design and management of computer systems and network solutions – started using a TCC from Tuxis. Now, barely a year later, the capacity of the TCC has been expanded by 25% with an additional node.

As expansion is not a problem, Tuxis takes care of that quickly and well, we decided, after a short in-house test phase, to also transfer the telecom solution of our Kop Telecom business unit to the TCC. The decision to do so was mainly based on the proven high reliability of the ICT infrastructure of this Tuxis cloud solution.

The TCC is a pure cloud environment that stores all data in real time in three data centres and can absorb the failure of an entire data centre. The triple redundancy of the TCC meets the availability requirements of our telecom solutions. The TCC is also an ideal solution in terms of flexibility: scaling up capacity and processing power can be done in no time and at relatively low cost.

Sharing is multiplying

“Our company is growing fast at the moment. This is reflected in the size of the ICT capacity. Last year we started with three, now we have four and next quarter we will go to five nodes. We now serve many customers in the SME sector, with thousands of users. Customers want one partner who arranges everything via one platform. Therefore, we have everything in house, with only two external partners for software and infrastructure. Because we can share all our services efficiently and flexibly with our customers via Tuxis’ TCC, they and we can also multiply.”

Key benefits:

  • High availability
  • Growth potential
  • 24/7 support
  • In-depth platform knowledge
  • Seamless migration
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