Tuxis: Your Proxmox Partner

As an official Proxmox Hosting partner, you can count on us to help you with all Proxmox solutions.


  • Fully managed Proxmox solutions
  • Support contracts
  • Proxmox licenses
  • Colocation of Proxmox servers
  • Advice and consultancy
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Proxmox IaaS

A fully managed IaaS solution or rather an SLA on a Proxmox solution set up by you? An appropriate management level is always available.


Proxmox support

With an IaaS (TCC) solution we ensure that everything works, and we support you in using it. Problems with your own environment? Please feel free to contact us.


Proxmox licenses

You will be assisted in choosing the right license. Invoicing is done afterwards and we automatically renew licenses.

↓ Solutions and products ↓

Fully managed Proxmox/Ceph Cluster

The TCC (Tuxis Corporate Cloud) is a complete virtual data center in your private cloud. In a TCC, your data is written real time in three data centers in the Netherlands. If you prefer to choose where your TCC is located, choose the TCC-Edge solution.

Tuxis Corporate Cloud
Tuxis Dedicated Proxmox Server

Fully managed Dedicated Proxmox Server

The Dedicated Proxmox Server (DPS) is a complete platform for enterprise virtualization. With the built-in web portal, you can easily manage VMs, containers, software-defined storage, networking, high availability clustering and various tools in one place.

Available in various capacities, this is the ideal environment that offers the freedom of a virtual data center without the worries.

Proxmox support

Support and SLA

With fully managed products such as the TCC, Proxmox Backup Server and Dedicated Proxmox server you do not need the contracts below. If you host your own Proxmox product, then support and service that meets your needs is desirable, and one of the contracts below will fit your needs.

Three support contracts for your self-hosted and on-prem Proxmox and Ceph solutions. This way you will always receive appropriate support for your Proxmox Backup Servers, Mail Gateways and clusters.

The following applies to all SLA’s:

At least a Proxmox basic subscription must be purchased from Tuxis. If a problem is the result of a bug in the software, we will provide a bug report. The contract is for 1 year and can be cancelled monthly thereafter.

The timezone in Amsterdam NL (CET and CEST) is used for office hours (8×5 SLA)

The total time required for a support case is rounded up to 15 minutes.
The hourly rate is € 92.50. Activities outside office hours count 1.5x. When an SLA is used on a Proxmox cluster, the discount on time worked is added up!

Proxmox VE trainingen

Tuxis is an official Proxmox Training Partner. Proxmox Training Partners are authorised to provide training for Proxmox solutions. The qualified instructors meet advanced requirements and have proven expertise and years of experience in implementing and advising Proxmox solutions. They will help you learn and understand the concepts and functionality of Proxmox VE in just a few days. We only give trainings in Dutch.

Insights for Proxmox statistics

Insights for Proxmox

The answer to the questions: How many VMs are actually running? How much memory, storage and CPU have I allocated to VPSs in total? What is the return on the environment? Which VM/node uses a lot of CPU, Memory or IOPS? How much storage do I still have available? How much did we use to CPU/memory/storage before. Are my VPSs configured correctly?

So insight. You must see it.

We are happy to demonstrate the desired Proxmox product to you. You will have the opportunity to ask all questions. We even have a demo cluster available for you to test yourself with.

Proxmox Backup Server

Available as ready-to-use SaaS service or purchase a license for installation on your own server. Optionally, you can place that server in one of our 4 datacenters.

With Proxmox Backup Server you can make multiple full backups per day of your virtual servers directly from your Proxmox environment and easily download the determine retention.

Proxmox Backup Server license
Proxmox Mail Gateway licenses

Proxmox Mail Gateway

The email security solution that protects your mail server against all email threats from the moment they occur. The complete mail proxy can be easily implemented within minutes between the firewall and your internal mail server. You can purchase a license or have it as a SaaS service at Tuxis.

You can scroll through for a while, but we are just as happy to demonstrate the desired Proxmox product to you. You will have the opportunity to ask all questions. We even have a demo cluster available for you to test yourself with.

Proxmox VE subscriptions

Proxmox VE is a complete open-source solution for enterprise virtualization that we also deploy for our virtual data centers. The built-in web interface makes it easy to manage VMs and containers, software-defined storage and networking, high-availability clustering, and multiple out-of-the-box tools on a single solution. You can let us do the installation, configuration, hosting and management, but you also have complete freedom to build a Proxmox environment yourself. In that case you need a subscription.

Proxmox VE licenses
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