Configure your own server.

Flexibility is the main reason why customers chose a VPS at Tuxis. You choose the amount of CPU cores, memory and SSD storage. You can therefore design your VPS as you wish. One CPU core with one terabyte storage is not a problem. So no inflexible bundles.

You get access to a portal where you can see what the disk-, network and CPU load is of your VPS and there you can operate your VPS and gain console access. We have sufficient capacity and well-defined values for the number of reads and writes for all VPS-es. So actions (mistakes) of other customers will not affect the performance of your VPS (a problem with many regular VPS providers). Solid performance is the result. Our VPS platform is spread across multiple data centers. Failure of a complete data center does not cause a prolonged outage of your VPS cluster and thus your VPS.

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