Your email, calendar, tasks and contacts on any device with Kerio Connect Cloud

Kerio Connect in the Cloud is your own dedicated Kerio Connect environment ready to use in the 100% Dutch Kerio Cloud. No restrictions or limits. Backups, availability and capacity are guaranteed. This cloud version of Kerio is equipped with advanced anti-virus, advanced anti-SPAM, Exchange Active Sync and archiving.

Prefer to host on your server? You can order Kerio Connect On-prem. View pricing for buying Kerio Connect licenses and subscriptions here.

In the cloud for € 5.25 per user per month including 25 Gbyte storage!





For healthcare

Become GDPR-compliant with Kerio Connect. Communicate securely with patients and healthcare institutions in accordance with GDPR guidelines. With automatic audit logs.

For education

Make joint schedules and chat online with students and colleagues. There is no need to install anything. It works on any PC and operating system, but it also syncs with your mobile.

Ask for the edu rates!

For businesses

Mail should, of course, arrive. Nothing is as annoying as your provider rejecting mail intended for you or even throwing it away. That is why you are 100% in control with Kerio and don’t miss a thing!

It works on any device and operating system

Any! So also: PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile, Windows, IOS, Debian, MacOS Android, Ubuntu.

For Windows there is a special Kerio Connect App. With a Mac you can use Apple’s native desktop apps and on mobile as well. In addition, it is compatible with Outlook and you can always read mail through your browser.

Always have access to email, calendar, tasks and contacts.

Trash and Backup

Did you or a colleague accidentally delete too much? That goes in the recycle bin, of course. And then there’s the setting that keeps an emptied Recycle Bin for a few days.

But because we really don’t want to lose any data, we make backups.

Share calendars, tasks, address books and mail folders

With resources, you can book a meeting room or car. Share your calendar with colleagues so they can see if you’re busy and vice versa. Share address books so you don’t have to keep exchanging contact information. Work on projects together by sharing tasks.

We are happy to demonstrate it for you. Not a long presentation but an online meeting. We’ll share the screen and go through the possibilities of Kerio Connect together.

1-on-1 chat

Kerio uses the public XMPP protocol for which there are many apps for mobile and the workplace. Of course, you can also chat in the Kerio Connect desktop app and web app.

Integrated spam filter and virus scanner


No more paying for extra services to keep your mailbox free from spam and viruses. Kerio Connect takes care of this for you. The filters learn from your behaviour and thus prevent legitimate mail from being rejected. In addition, mail is scanned for viruses and phishing before it arrives in your mailbox.

As a cloud service or on your infra


Everything is taken care of by Kerio in the Cloud and you have a 24/7 SLA. But if you have your own infra, we understand that you may want to host your own server with Kerio Connect. And that’s no problem. You can also purchase just the Kerio Connect licences and subscriptions.


If you are an ICT supplier who wants to provide secure, privacy-friendly email to multiple companies, then you only need one Kerio environment for this. This saves managing spam filters, log files and tweaking settings.


Ask for the pricing for ICT companies

You can scroll on and see even more features or request a demonstration. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions.

Privacy First Strategy

This Kerio Connect service fits with a Privacy first and Cloud first strategy. All data is located in the Netherlands on equipment owned by Tuxis. This means we don’t have any sub-processors. Of course, you will get a processor agreement.

Your Kerio Connect cloud writes data in real time across three data centres and is data centre independent. You don’t have to worry about it.

Altnernative to:

Kerio Connect Cloud is a privacy-friendly alternative to Exchange solutions.

If you want to send mail securely without sharing personal data with third parties, you can replace the products below with Kerio Connect Cloud:

  • Microsoft/Office 365 mail
  • Exchange
  • Exinda
  • Gmail
  • Protonmail
  • Axigen
  • OpenExchange
  • Modoboa
  • IceWarp
  • Zimbra

These are just some of all the functionalities. You may want to get a better idea of how it can be used in your organization, practice, hospital, or school. We will be happy to demonstrate.

Monthly Rates Kerio in the Cloud

€ 5,25 per user

  • Your storage increases by 25 GB per created user. Example: With 10 users you have 250 GB of storage. Need more? Then you only pay 20 cents per Gbyte.
  • Minimum purchase is 10 users*.
  • No additional costs
  • Full administrator access
  • Licence with all features included
  • Host with your own domain and SSL/TLS

* Less than 10 users? Then we will gladly create your accounts on our multitenant environment. Then there is no minimum purchase.


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