Collaborate, share and sync all your files securely with Filesonline

Your files are safe in a 100% Dutch cloud. Work as a team on a document at the same time and discuss via built-in video conferencing. Take notes, use a planning board, make a mind map.

For Healthcare

Become GDPR compliant with FilesOnline. Communicate securely with patients and healthcare institutions in accordance with GDPR guidelines. With automatic audit logs.

For education

Determine what a student or teacher is allowed to see and which tools are available. Because nothing needs to be installed, it works on every PC and operating system.

Ask us for the special edu rates!

For companies

Use FilesOnline to communicate with your customers. Make it the central tool in your organization. Safe and flexible with easy to use management.

Versions, Trash and Backup

Have you or a colleague accidentally deleted a file? Overwritten? Virus? Version control and the recycle bin are indispensable tools for those cases.

You will be kept informed of changes to files via mail and pop-ups so that they do not pass unnoticed.

In addition, backups are also made.

Collaborate on documents

Share a document via a link and you can work on a document or presentation with several people at the same time.

See in real time what changes someone is making.

We are happy to demonstrate it for you. No long presentation but an online meeting. We’ll share the screen with you and work together in a document. And we do that with FilesOnline..

Group chat with Talk

Chat with your team on PC, mobile and tablet. Share files, link to projects and discuss. This team can also consist of external parties. Your customers don’t even need to have an account.

Prefer a live video?

With Talk in a group chat you can make calls and start a video conference with 1 click. Again, not everyone needs to have an account on your environment and this works on mobile. Participants arrive in a waiting area before the start. Share your screen, raise your hand and mute other users.

Your planning board

With Deck you have a planning board. Drag tasks from scheduled to pending or build your own schedule board as a team or in person.

It works on any device and operating system

Every! So also: PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile, Windows, IOS, Debian, MacOS Android, Ubuntu.

You can sync on every desktop and for mobile there are apps for files, documents, chatting and (video) calling.

Photos instantly available everywhere

You take a photo on your mobile. It is placed directly in Not only do you have a backup, but you can also use and edit those photos right away at your workplace.

Securely send/receive (large) files and folders

No external service is required. Click on a folder or document, make it a link and mail it. You can even choose that the recipient can edit!

You can receive large files in the same way. The recipient drops the files in their browser and you see them directly in your FilesOnline.

You will receive notifications of downloads and uploads, can set a password and an expiration date.


You can scroll further and view even more features or request a demonstration. And we give that demo with FilesOnline.

Working locally requires no disk space

With cloudsync, only the files you use at your workplace are temporarily stored. So you can use large folders of documents as if they were on your PC. In addition, you can choose whether you want certain folders to be truly local so that you can also work offline. An ideal file manager for remote desktop environments and workstations with limited disk space.

Are your customers satisfied?

And other questions you can ask your relations with an online questionnaire. The result is a detailed overview of the results. Creating such a questionnaire is child’s play (seriously, we had a primary school student do it).

Put your thoughts in a mind map

Visualize creative processes and map out complex connections. It works faster than paper and it’s easy to share.

Your own dashboard

After logging in, all current information is on your dashboard. Which files were last used. Chats and calls and even the weather… if you wish.

It is just a selection of the functionalities. You may want to get a better idea of how it can be used in your organization, practice, hospital or school. We don’t mind to show that.

The FilesOnline rates

€3.35 per user per month

  • Per created user, your storage is expanded by 25 Gbyte
    e.g. with 10 users, you have 250 GB of storage.
    Need more? Then you pay 20 cents per Gbyte.
  • Minimum order is 5 users
  • Full administrator access
  • Install apps yourself from


Work with documents online:
€1.90 per user per month

Options will be calculated for all users.

Video conferencing is enabled and intended for conferences with approximately 4 people.

Do you need it for educational purposes or do you want to resell? Ask for the special rates.




Short-term contracts

3 vacatures