Tuxis delivers to IT service providers and enterprises with one or more system administrators. Since 2009 we use the data centers from BIT in the Netherlands to deliver our cloud services and build clusters for our clients. Our clients buy high-quality internet services such as colocation, customized web hosting, e-mail, telephony, on line backup and (private) cloud environments. In particular, customers who require high capacity or have any special requirements fit well with Tuxis while also providing the convenience of turnkey SAAS services.

The solution

With Tuxis you get  high quality ICT infrastructure and knowledge. You decide at what level you start using our services. So you might start with a ready to use mail server or manage you own cluster.
You can enter at the following levels:
  • You own server in our datacenter. Optionally maintained by us;
  • Build a cluster for virtualisation, storage, hosting or cloud services;
  • Rent virtual servers;
  • Host an application or website.
De costs will always be transparent and manageable because we have the knowledge and assets to let you grow without scalability problems. We look at your wishes and plans critically and we don't hesitate to tell you that we think it could be done better or smarter.

Short term contracts

Our contract terms are by default one month. Some exceptions are domain names and SSL certificates. We believe that instead of holding a customer hostage with long term contracts, a customer has to be free to stop using our services. We should give a customer no reason to leave, but if we do, the short term contracts assure that you can. This way you are sure that we keep focused and will deliver.


Your data is the most precious asset that you have. You do not want to lose it or get it stolen. Tuxis is specialized in offering data through the internet and understands how to make your infrastructure secure.
Availability of services is as important as security. That is why we use multiple data centers and offer the ability to build your infra structure in multiple data centers.


Tuxis likes to use open standards and, if possible, Open Source. 99% of the entire internet runs on Open Source software because is it safe and reliable. The benefits of using Open Source are the easy licensing schemes, mostly free to use or a small fee for the community. There will always be someone that can support us if we ever would need it. While most suppliers try to lock a customer with their services, we strive for independence. We want you to stay because you are satisfied with our services and not just because you have no choice. Vendor lock in is not our game.

The next step we took is infrastructure that is hardware independent. So if you have a server of brand A and one of brand B, in most cases we can use all the hardware en build the desired functionality. Thanks to this strategy you can replace and ad infrastructure seamlessly.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and years of experience from Ronald Otto and Mark Schouten are used to define the services that Tuxis delivers. Goal is that you are able to decide at which technical level you start using our services. This is way you will never pay for services that you can do yourself but can buy services that you don't want to do yourself resulting is lower costs.