What is a domain name?

Would you like to build a website, but you don’t know what a domain is? A domain is an address, or a name on the internet such as Tuxis.nl. You call this the internet address. This has been made as easy as possible so that you can remember it easily! If this were not there it would look like this: or 7161: 1a74: 5cf1: b677: 581b: 93e3: 9edf: d102 and this does not make you happy.


Not just a web address!

Your own domain is also a foundation for your E-mail address. An E-mail address that belongs to your own domain looks professional compared to an email address from an internet provider, this will look like this: support@yourdomainname.nl instead of support@yourmail.nl if you would like this you’ve come to the right place at Tuxis!

DNS at Tuxis

If you are a customer of Tuxis you can manage your DNS records yourself. You can do this via NSEdit here you will see all kinds of different records and many figures. For more information you can look here

Search for a domain name

If you are looking for a specific domain name, use our handy tool on the website that we have put at the bottom of the page for you!

What does a domain name cost?

You may now be wondering what a domain name costs to register your own domain name. It is difficult to answer this question, because it depends on what extension (TLD) you would like to add to your domain name.

what is a domain name?

Transfer or register a domain name?





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