We feel it’s time for it

It’s time. High time. At least, that how we feel. It’s time to stop with IPv4. Well, stop. Due to ignorance of numerous other parties (hi, Github, Amazon, Microsoft, Tiktok and many others) we can’t exactly stop, but we want to go a step further in making our customers aware and support them. Raising awareness of the fact that IPv4 is just no longer vailible, except if you bring a big bag of money. And even though it may not be an issue for some to bring that bag of cash, it is -if you ask us- very unwise from an economical point of view. We will explain why.

Unwise, how?

Buying IPv4 is a pricey activity. The price per IP is up to about € 44,- per IP. IPv4 goes in chunks of at least 256 addresses. So, that’s at least € 12.000 excluding  ‘broker fees’ and other costs. I don’t care, you might think, I can go on now. And the longer I wait, the higher the price!

Except for the fact that there will be a peak price at some point (because IPv6 ís going to get there, eventually) and then you’ve spent your money on a deflating air bubble. IPv4 wíll lose its value. And you can’t sell, since you need your addresses.

A trigger

So, even though it’s required for a lot of parties to keep on running with IPv4, it’s much wiser for a lot of parties to start running with IPv6. They’re just missing the trigger to do so.

So, starting from januari first 2023, Tuxis will officially stop delivering new services (like VPS-es, servers, clusters) with IPv4 by default. Each IPv4 address will be invoiced, whereas IPv6 will be available for free, as much as our customers want (within the sensible boundaries).


In 2023, we will start to support our customers even further in deploying and using IPv6 en decommissioning IPv4. Because that will save them a lot of time. We will start developing services so our customers can run IPv6 only services, and still make them available for those who are still struggling with the techniques from 1997. So that those people can still use the services of our customers. We will provide our customers with free training about IPv6, playdays, whatever we can think of. But in 2024, there will not be a single customer that can say “IPv6? Never heard of it!”

Yeay, right.

We are well aware of what people are thinking. “IPv4 will not go away.”, “I’ve got more than enough IPv4, stop bugging me!”, “Yeay right, Tuxis. You will be the ones that give IPv6 the needed push”. The cynical thought will be there, and we don’t care. What we hope, is that other parties join us in stopping to let themselves do double work, just because other parties on the internet are still stuck in the 90’s. Because other parties still provide their customers with deprecated techniques. We hope that other parties follow our example and join us in saying: “It’s time. Time for IPv6.”

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