The end of an Era

It’s the end of an Era, at least for me. I just decommissioned PMRB, Proxmox Rolling Backup.

Back in May 2015, just over 9 years ago, we did not have the luxury of the Proxmox Backup Server. This was quite an issue, because we wanted regular backups of all our VMs and of the customer VMs. Because Proxmox at that time could only do full backups of a VM, we were unable to do full backups of all VMs every night. So I developed PMRB.

What did PMRB do?

PMRB launched every night and would just start backing up all VMs to a NFS share, or later to our dadup-platform. But if the last backup of a VM was younger than x-weeks, PMRB would skip that VM. This enabled us to be sure to have at least a VM-backup that was not older than one week.

Now what?

So we archived PMRB because we no longer need it. Proxmox Backup Server is way better, more efficient and easier than PMRB. Now that our last customers switched from PMRB to Proxmox Backup Server, it’s the end of an ERA.

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