The data center is the best place for your equipment and data. That is why we offer colocation and solutions from three reliable and save datacenters in Ede (Gelderland, The Netherlands). Two technical separated locations and one choreographic (500m) and technical separated location. Our network in the data centers is reliable and solid and has a redundant internet connection.

Monitoring, back-up, remote power control and statistics about power and network usage is always included. We are 24x7 available to assist you in case of problems.

Your equipment in our racks is no hassle. You pay only for what you use. No bundles. Just count the height (U/HE) en we will invoice your power usage and traffic. We can keep your servers up to date and monitor your servers.

Combining of colocation with our other services like VPN, Firewall, load-balancing, CDN and others is always possible.


The complete data center is ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and we have our policies in place to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent misuse of data, network or appliances.

Security of our datacenters;
  • Cameras, both outside and inside;
  • Intrusion Protection System;
  • Two independent surveillance services;
  • Redundant connection to the emergency room;
  • Two-factor authentication with RFID access cards and iris scanners;
  • VEB certified security class 4;
  • ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.


The cooling system, in combination with the closed cold corridors provides optimum cooling of all equipment. The installation is at all points, including pumps and pipes, redundant. In addition, the installation is as energy efficient as possible, which saves both the environment and costs.

Fire prevention

The server rooms are equipped with two independent certified very early warning systems with automatic notification to the fire department. When a fire breaks out, the oxygen concentration in the area is reduced by gas extinguishing. To do this, a gas mixture of argon and nitrogen is used (Argonite). By fighting the fire in this way, there is no (water) damage to the equipment.

Power supply

For companies, organizations and governments a good power supply is one of the main reasons to outsource their IT equipment in a datacenter. To ensure the reliability of the power supply, the backup power supplies are tested monthly. The power and backup power in the racks are fully redundant.

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