Ceph is dead, long live Ceph!

A similar statement is used in a number of countries in the succession of the king (in). And also with us it is!

You will not have noticed much, but in recent months we have been busy migrating our storage live to a new Ceph cluster. The old cluster (Ceph Hammer) has been providing great services since November 2015 and we have also learned many things.

For example, the new cluster (Ceph Luminous) has been built with more CPU and memory, because we have noticed that we should not underestimate the load on it. Especially now that we can store more disks per chassis, and we run different tasks on different machines.

Because in addition to our VMs getting their storage from this new cluster, we will also have our mail and web hosting services via CephFS fetch their files from this cluster in the near future.

Of course we continue to run everything full SSD, so that the performance you expect is always there! The storage cluster also runs in three data centers, so that the failure of a complete data center does not affect the availability of the storage.

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