Proxmox Backup Server released!

Last Wednesday, the 11th of November, Proxmox released the first official release of Proxmox Backup Server. We’re very happy with the end-result, even though there are still things on our wish list.

We for one have learned a lot about PBS. We’ve seen Proxmox being able to deliver updates and features at an incredible speed. We’ve also noticed that PBS is pretty IO-hungry, more than we expected. For us, this means we will not be deploying PBS based on storage, but use dedicated hardware with ZFS and some SSD in between.

You’ve seen us switch from ZFS to LVM during this BETA, which was quite painful to see. The migration did not work as we expected, and even after the migration we’ve seen issues I’ve never seen before. This made us decide to base the final product on ZFS, not LVM.

Naturally, you are all very anxious to know what Tuxis is going to do with Proxmox Backup Server and if you can still benefit from it. And we think you can. We are going to offer Proxmox Backup Server in three flavours

  • Community:
    You get an account and a 150GB datastore for free. This allows you to backup your most important data to another datacenter and possibly even in another country.
  • Standard:
    You get an account and a datastore in chunks of 1TB. You can pretty much keep growing. This product will be € 18,- per TB per month, excluding VAT.
  • Enterprise:
    You get your own Proxmox Backup Server, specifically tailored to your needs. You have full control of the server and can be certain that you are the only user of this server. Due to the customer-specific setup of this service, there is no pricing available. If you are interested, contact us at .

We’ve decided that only the free version of this product is available for end-users. Companies are able to order the paid versions.

As announced in the BETA announcement, we will shut down this free service one month after the final announcement, which will be Friday, the 18th of December 2020. We hope to have the final version of the product ready by then, so we can migrate some of you to the new server.

What remains is to thank you for your input and feedback! We have created a few very useful bugreports in this BETA, which helped to improve PBS.


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