Diskbay Online

With Diskbay Online, you get storage space in a high-security environment for about 0.4 cents per Gbyte. It’s a service that you can consider as your NAS in the data center or hard disk colocation.

Inexpensive storage space for large amounts of data

Diskbay Online is ideal for larger amounts of data. For example, you can buy a 10 Tbyte disk. Once it’s installed, you can log in to a dedicated environment running NAS software or Debian. You get full access and are free to use your NAS however you like.

Features of DiskbayOnline

You’re the owner

You’re the owner of the disk and so ALWAYS the owner of the data.

Data stays in the Netherlands

Your disk runs in Dutch-owned data centers in the Netherlands.

Storage is scalable on the fly


You can have disks added and use them as you wish.

Storage is scalable on the fly


Having two disks in different data centers gives you redundancy

Fixed monthly costs


The bigger the disk, the cheaper. 10TB for as little as €25 per month.

Fixed monthly costs

Great performance

We supply you with an enterprise grade disk for a long service life and excellent performance.

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

Free VPS

You get a VPS with Debian or FreeNAS which you can use however you want. Your disks are linked to this VPS.

Privacy challenges swept away at a stroke

Privacy guarantee

Your data is your data and not a currency. Save your data according to the GDPR, and we are not even sub-processors.





Simple, inexpensive external storage

We offer a user-friendly way of storing a lot of data externally. Since you are free to configure the server software any way you like, you decide how your data can be accessed:

  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • Webdav
  • rsync
  • from a website
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