The network of Tuxis Internet Engineering (AS197731) has three external connections. BIT, NL-IX and Joint Transit deliver high quality transit connections to the rest of the internet. Failure of one of these connections will not cause downtime or loss of connection. Existing connection will choose another path without noticeable disruption of connectivity. The result is that Tuxis has a redundant connection with the internet.

The load of connections and hardware is monitored. We will act immediately when we suspect that any load will be to large for the hardware or a connection. That way we are able to guarantee high quality connections.

A schematic view of our network:
netwerkThe two routers have in addition to a connection with the internet and customers also a redundant connection with each other. Via both BGP and OSPF inform the routers each other about how the routing on the internet is from their point of view. This way they can decide what the best route is for reaching a certain point on the internet.